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Children's Drawings Analysis

Children's drawings provide invaluable information on their personality, in a short period of time and at low cost – from self-esteem and dependency to social difficulties and general distress. Through drawings you may also discover your child's condition in different mental aspects, as well as his hidden talents. Help children aged 3-18 with any issue, and do so effectively, with a few easy and friendly steps.

Our Individual Analysis includes:

  • Overall Review - A review of your child's emotional, social and cognitivestatus
  • Personalization - Personal, privacy-protected service, with emphasis on your questions
  • Reasons - An analysisof the various reasons foryour child'sbehavior
  • Solutions - Practical, tailor-made solutions for you and your child
  • Recommendations -Afternoon classes based on his talents
  • Alternatives - Relevanttherapy options, if called for
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